Buying Las Vegas Real Estate with Jonathan Abbinante Realtor® Broker Owner.

ROCKIN THE HOUSE realty offers buyers direct broker representation during the entire process of the sale. Jonathan Abbinante Realtor® represents home buyers in the Greater Las Vegas valley since 1997 and to this day believes in the quality of the sale, every sale. Not volume sales and broker absent. No broker fees’ of any kind to buyers at this brokerage. Offering a higher ratio of accepted offers in multiple offer case scenarios.

*Buying a new home? Caution*

• Rockin The House Will review all seller contracts before you sign and will expose all “red flags” or underhanded small print written into them. There are no appraisal contingence’s with the majority of new home sales. That alone will cost you tremendously if you go into contract without understanding that condition.

• Rockin The House Will recommend the best possible financing for your new Las Vegas home or Condo. Very often new home developers offer a financial incentive between $500 and $5,000 or closing costs if you will use “their” lender. For a new buyer this looks very tempting as it is less hassle. But a lot of these deals are only good on the surface. Depending on how high the interest rate charged is and other “nefarious fees” they put into the loan, this may or may not be lower than what you may find elsewhere. we will help you get the best deal with great interest rates and low fees!

• Rockin The House Will assist you in the selection of your lot. Location, Location, Location I am sure you have heard this so many times before. But location is vital for best equity growth and we know exactly how to choose the best lots and the best lot locations for the greatest equity appreciation!.

• Rockin The House Will recommend top professional home inspectors that will check out the complete structure of your new home of Condo before we close escrow, Rockin The House  Will be there for you during the inspections and your final walk-through with the developer.

• Rockin The House Will save you lots of time and stress. Our comprehensive database of all new homes, condos and real estate in the Las Vegas area with their floor plans! Will eliminate unwanted features and problems without driving all over the valley!

Rockin The House Gives you all this help for free!